Your life is precious so make it one you love

We live in a dramatic universe. What makes it so is the open-ended potential to build more of what we love into our life. But at the same time, this is limited by the number of hours in our days and years in our lifetime. The gap between these creates a challenge, and sitting between these is our capability.

Life is a skill

The limiting ingredient in the quest to build a satisfying life is our capability. Success or satisfaction in any area of life depends primarily on capability. Capability is a combination of skill, and a kind of muscle and fitness. For instance, one of the capabilities of life is "dependability"; the ability to do what we say we're going to do. Trivial in theory but so challenging to practice and develop. Collectively we call these life skills "self authorship".

Where can we develop this capability?

We go to school to develop the capability to earn an income. But why are there no institutions and resources to help us develop our self authoring capability? It could be one of two reasons. Either a limiting belief that it's not possible to get better at building a satisfying life. Or the idea that life is something that happens to us rather than happens through us. Neither of these is an acceptable answer.

The cost of not

Life is a challenge. If you have ever tried to stop a bad habit or build something new in your life, then you know how hard it can be to follow through. Stress, anxiety, depression and a lack of fulfilment are also expressions of the everyday challenges of life. The consequences of not being supported to develop our skillfulness lead to unnecessary suffering, and lost opportunities to create lives in which we flourish.

The benefits of got

Our capability invisibly limits our sense of possibility. When we build our capability, we expand our potential. Capability and freedom are two sides of the same coin. As we develop our capability we also build our resilience to weather the uncomfortable portions of our life. And we develop our capacity to more powerfully contribute to larger projects that make everyone's life better. Imagine what the world would look like if people were supported to develop their self authorship?

The power of we

Making the effort to build a better life is not easy. At IDOJO we believe that every important project or journey in life deserves having someone at our back. Companionship and community is essential to supporting one another to help us realise what we want. And a great community brings out the best in everyone. A better life starts with you but ends with we as we work together to support one another to build a better world.

Building a better world

Our vision is a world where we are all more meaningful participants in our individual and collective lives. Our mission is to provide every person with the means to develop their capability to do this. This is IDOJO. We are the world's first digital "gym" or "dojo" for training to build a better life. And a better world. We can't think of a more significant impact to have on the world. Can you?

Come and join us on this mission. It starts with you.